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Thoughts our guests like to share.

Quixote’s Rev Emilie writes

The connection between the Garage and the Gospel has always been so obvious to me that when a seminary professor asked us to describe the kingdom of God using each of our five senses I wrote:

The kingdom of God looks like Quixote’s Garage on a Sunday morning. It smells like sun-baked concrete, cigarette smoke, and freshly brewed coffee. It tastes like the honey in my coffee, bought for me by Sharon with the last $3 of her monthly check. It feels like sitting cross-legged in “my” chair, mug of coffee in my hands, the sun shining on my back. It sounds like the murmur of voices as the guys talk, laugh, kid each other, and help each other.

Since the Garage taught me about the kingdom of God, it is an honor for me as a priest to be able to come back at 10:30am on the last Monday of each month to celebrate the Eucharist with all of you. Thank you for making and keeping the Garage a sacred space. Truly, the kingdom of God is among you.

– Emilie Finn

Danny writes again

Prescott Arizona

Prescott, Everybody’s Hometown!
Photo © Broadcast Audio Fanatics

I’m one of the world’s many homeless people, and  I say many because I believe there are lots of us.

I’ve run into my share of people who want to run the homeless out of town. It’s happened to me right here in Prescott, where when you enter this nice little town you are greeted by a sign that says Welcome to Everybody’s Hometown. Yet trying to find a safe place to sleep here in Everybody’s Hometown is next to impossible because there’s a law that says camping is illegal anywhere inside Everybody’s Hometown city limits. Nice little Prescott AZ.

It seems to me that Prescott has its share of homeless people, and even though camping is illegal, people are camping everywhere. I’ve had my share of arguments with homeowners; the police have been called. But what I’ve found out is the police can be very nice people; not everyone is out to run us off.

The other day a woman stopped and gave me some nice shoes. The Salvation Army, concerned about my warmth, gave me a sleeping bag and offers me breakfast;  Open Door a hot lunch; the Baptist church fellowship; Church on the Street prays for me.

And I find Quixote’s Garage a safe haven. I’ve heard  Catholic parishioners say this place, Quixote’s Garage, is the church, and in what way they can, they support the Garage.

I do my best to greet everyone. Every citizen I see, I wish them a fine day. I hold no grudges against those who have called the police, and every dirty look I get I repay with a smile and a wave. I’m having more people waving now, smiling at me.

And I thank everyone who is supporting the agencies I’ve mentioned because you are not just helping me, you are helping all of us, and I’m sure we all thank you. To all of you who are helping, “May the Lord bless you greatly.”

Maybe Prescott is Everybody’s Hometown. I feel welcomed.

Dan Stalinski

Tammy Killiam writes…

For many years I’ve sat back and watched all the wandering souls who pass through the Garage. Some strong and some not so strong, but each caring and holding on to the little bit of what make us whole: compassion.

So many people don’t realize that it is the most important thing to have in life. It is the hand that holds your spirit. Without it you are broken, and once broken the pieces sometimes cannot be put back together.

I have been torn but not totally broken in my life. I try each and every day to bring a smile into another’s heart and let them know that they matter. It is from this that I’ve been able to stay strong and try to mend the downfalls of my life.

I’ve also gained a lot of strength from Kris, never taking on more than one day at a time. God bless!

Quixote’s Garage Catholic Worker

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