The connection between the Garage and the Gospel has always been so obvious to me that when a seminary professor asked us to describe the kingdom of God using each of our five senses I wrote:

The kingdom of God looks like Quixote’s Garage on a Sunday morning. It smells like sun-baked concrete, cigarette smoke, and freshly brewed coffee. It tastes like the honey in my coffee, bought for me by Sharon with the last $3 of her monthly check. It feels like sitting cross-legged in “my” chair, mug of coffee in my hands, the sun shining on my back. It sounds like the murmur of voices as the guys talk, laugh, kid each other, and help each other.

Since the Garage taught me about the kingdom of God, it is an honor for me as a priest to be able to come back at 10:30am on the last Monday of each month to celebrate the Eucharist with all of you. Thank you for making and keeping the Garage a sacred space. Truly, the kingdom of God is among you.

– Emilie Finn