On April 20, 2016, at 7am, I was lying in my tent pondering what I was going to do for the day when I hiccuped. When I hiccuped I not only felt but heard a pop in my stomach area and, suddenly, a very intense burning sensation started growing from the area. Within two minutes every cell of my body was on fire and I was paralyzed.

I stayed that way for quite sometime, and before I was able to get help my stomach suddenly started getting larger, almost to the point it looked like I was pregnant. The good thing was that the burning ceased. An hour later I threw up about half the blood in my body. If you have ever lost half your blood, you know that it is a real trip.

Finally I was able to get help, and by the time I got to the hospital I was in severe shock. An hour later I went into cardiac arrest and died. The doctors said I was clinically dead for 13 1/2 minutes. I later found out what caused this very serious episode: an upper gastrointestinal bleed. Basically, an ulcer the size of a dime exploded in my abdomen.

This is where this story really begins for me, but I won’t be able to share a whole lot with you for the simple fact that either I cannot put into words what I saw and learned, or the memory has been suppressed because – as it was explained to me – the physical body could not withstand the absolute reality of the other side. Or I will not tell you because you will think I am even crazier than you already do.

Yes, I did see the other side and it was incredible. What I saw and learned completely blew my mind. Now, five months later in my tent when I think about it these thoughts are as strong or even stronger than ever:

There was no pain.

There was no sadness.

There was no darkness.

There was complete peace.

There was complete happiness and joy

Everything was light.

Death is a new beginning.

There is no need to fear death.

I was very upset that I had to come back.

Treat yourself and others well.

We are all priceless beings of light.

We are all HOLY SPIRITS.

DEATH: I highly recommend everyone try it at least once.

– Michael Steven