Each month the Garage receives a card with a note and a widow’s mite from a man who moved from Prescott to Tucson several years ago.

In December he wrote:

Once again, thank you for the hospitality. To this day I tell everyone about the Garage and how much it helped in my early sobriety. What a pleasure for the advancement in life and the meaning of service, from taking out the trash to cleaning dishes. Not bad in the learning of responsibility in my years in Prescott. Happy holidays.

Then last month:

I apologize for sending this so late but January has been a month of many events. One of them has been connecting with Birdsong Ensemble, a theater troupe of great acting ability and little technical skill. We are performing the play The Fantasticks for 4 performances a weekend. Also helping with a Catholic overnight homeless shelter, and visiting an old flame in a nursing home. And that’s not all LOL A month of many events so once again thank you for your hospitality.

– “Ponytail” Steve