Once, from a long time passing, a young man of good cheer and wonder was traveling on life’s road. His life was new and he thought his future would be full of light and good things.

Along his way, he found many things he thought made him happy and he wanted to keep them with him always. They seemed so bright!

So he kept them in his heart like a sack he carried on his shoulders.

That sack was light and easy to carry because the people were happy to see him with it as they all had one, too. He fit in with the “in”. They were also young, living was free, no one ever worried about dues to pay.

He was not a bad man or evil, but a kind soul who found laughter easily.

As time passed and the years were stored he kept adding more things into his sack, which was once so full of light. He added a few things that didn’t shine so bright.

Soon, before he knew it, the things he kept with him began to get darker and darker; his once bright sack of light tarnished and lost its luster and faded to gray.

Still, he kept these things with him even as they became heavier and harder to bear.

He could not let them go, nor would he leave them, though they brought him only sadness.

The sack finally became too much and overwhelmed him so much he stopped on his bright road, and when he looked into his sack he found only sorrow, despair, and hopelessness. This once truly happy soul found himself stranded with a burden he could no longer carry. He hated his life and thought he was forever destined to live a life of torment.

There was no more music, nothing was of wonder. Nothing was bright, as it once was. He lost all hope of ever being on a shining road again. He did not believe in himself.

But on his travels, he had met a few people who did believe in him, for they saw a man who had promise, though somewhat misplaced. Through their encouragement and best wishes, he began to slowly see that bright road again and step by step he made it back!

He no longer has that sack he used to carry for he left on another highway. He is now finding peace. There is for him a new way. He is happy again!

There with the grace of God go I.

– Mikey Mike