(=_=)  Someone is very sleepy.

m(__)m  You have a very big nose and long eye lashes.

(>_<)  You are pissing me off big time!

(9_9)  I had six five-hour energy drinks and wish I were dead.

d(-_-)b  Talk to the headphones, man, I’m tuning you out.

(;_;)  Crying because I received all these and I still don’t feel like I have any friends.

(+_+)  Got knocked out.

(=’v’=)  That cute, chubby bird ate my pet hermit crab again.

(*x*)  Man, that was sour!

(#_#)   Don’t come by, I just took bath salts.

^(*@*)^  I hate your guts, but my dog would be happy to play fetch with you.

(6\_/6)  I’m trying very hard not to yell at you.

(<‘_’>)  But… but… don’t you feel sorry for me?

(*7*)  Unibrow

!*_*!  Ear rings

(*:_:*)  Pimples

$*_*$   Curly hair

(=z=)  Those energy drinks finally wore off.

– Claudia Finn